Become a part of the Bazaar Family!

Why Rent from Us?

There are many excellent reasons to become a Vendor at It’s Bazaar on 21st Street…Here are just a few:

  • Take advantage of our established goodwill & extensive clientele.

  • Create extra or supplement income.

  • Sell items that are no longer used - if it's just collecting dust, make money on it instead!

  • Get rid of that storage unit fee - why store when you can sell?

  • An ideal way to liquidate an estate or collection!

  • Why pay rent and overhead for a retail location and pay employees to sell your items, when we can do all of that for you?

  • Month to Month Vendor Agreement

  • We Collect & Pay All Sales Tax

  • No Credit Card Fees

  • No Business License Needed

 Hours of Operation

We are open Tuesday-Thursday, 10-5pm, Friday-Saturday, 10-6 and Sundays, 12-5. We also offer extended hours during the summer and on some holidays and events. We are closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Please Note: We are open on Mondays, on occasion or by appointment. We notify our vendors in advance and open our doors to our guests.

Space Availability

We always have space available, please do not hesitate to ask!

We are big believers in “cross pollination” and keep an ample amount of common ground available.

What is cross pollination? If one vendors item will help sell another’s, we’re going to put those items together in our “common ground” area- free of charge, so not to impede on anyone’s rental space or area.

We also keep common grounds available just in case that original space you chose doesn’t work out as planned or doesn’t highlight your particular items properly.

Rental Rate(s) & Commission(s)

We offer many different spaces for rent, Display cabinet(s), bookshelf(s), wall space(s) & floor space(s). Our spaces range from $50 a month to $300 a month. Multiple space rental discounts are available.

We currently rent out our 10’x 10’ space(s) for $250 a month. If you are in need of more or less space, we are more than happy to discuss a solution and a monthly rate to benefit both you, the potential Vendor and the Bazaar.

Our Vendor Agreement is a month to month agreement. We do require first month’s rent upon signing and request at least a 3 month commitment (see FAQ).

In addition to the monthly rental rate a 10% commission is also charged on all items sold.

Sales & Payouts

We pay our Vendors, bi-weekly, on the 1st and 15th day of each month for their sales and include an itemized statement for all items sold.

Sales Tax

We handle collecting and paying all sales taxes on purchases made at the store.

Credit Card Fees

We do not charge any fees to our customers or Vendors for credit card usage.


The Bazaar does not have an issue with theft but does have a fully functioning security system with active cameras accessible from 3 different monitoring stations. We also offer space in our display cases, when available, for those who would prefer something be under lock and key-free of charge!

Do you sell Online* or at another Location?

Provide us with a brief description or bio as to what you bring to the Bazaar and any links to your online stores or other store location(s) and we will list that information on our website in your Vendor profile.

*Selling your items online? Why not get double visibility? Just mark your tags with a “specified” mark letting us know that it is cross posted and we will let you know once it sells in store.


Have Additional Questions? Check out FAQ page or Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any additional question you may have.