Way Back When, Once Again

Way Back When, Once Again was founded on the premise of delivering stunning, one of a kind furniture and home decor.  By putting our hearts and souls into each piece we breathe new life into that which was once old and make it come alive again in your home.

Our motto is ‘With every piece we do, we mind our C’s and Q’s. Cool, Quality, Cute, Quirky’.

Specializing in: Painted Furniture:

We strive to pick high quality pieces of furniture and execute a vision to create that perfect conversation or accent piece.  We typically use a 7 step process that includes an underlay of different colors of paint in areas where the piece will be distressed, mixing and matching colors, sanding and waxing to create effects such as our signature porcelain look.

We also customize pieces so if you have a piece of furniture you want painted or you are looking for that special piece we can make your vision come true.

Painted Windows:

Each of our windows is uniquely designed and hand painted in layers of color in reverse so that the painted design is preserved and protected behind the glass when on display. From every day décor and holiday designs to a sports fan’s new favorite piece each window makes a statement.

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