It’s Bazaar on 21st Street

We are a family owned business and not your average Antique and Collectibles Store!

We are truly a “Bazaar,” located in charming historic downtown Purcellville, VA and house over a dozens individual Vendors, Consignors, Local Artists and Artisans.
We feature a wide assortment of interesting and beautiful Antiques, Vintage Collectibles, Home Decor, Music, Handmade Pottery, Jewelry, Gifts and More!

We are a small business and appreciate it very much when a purchase is made but ultimately encourage everyone young and old to explore our treasures as if it were a treasure hunt connecting the old with the new. We do not frown on touching with your fingers but encourage touching with your nose! I cannot tell you how many times we have heard a mother, father or grandparent point out a thing or two that sparked a memory and share that story, a part of them if you will, with their little ones or those around them.

It only takes one visit to our store to see that we are not your everyday Antique and Collectible Store.


What we offer.

You’ll Find it Here at It’s Bazaar on 21st Street!
We have a great group of Vendors and Consignors at It’s Bazaar on 21st Street who are dedicated to bringing unique and familiar items as well as the bazaar to 21st Street. Man-tiques, Chick-tiques and plain old Fun-tiques fill our 8,000 sq ft. building which seems to manifest even the strangest request. You’ll find it here! If not, submit an entry in our wish book and see what happens.[/column]

Looking for Inspiration?

We admire our local artist and artisans for the beauty and dedication they portray in their creations and the inspirations they bring to our customers. They offer a wide variety of arts and crafts for sale including: pottery, paintings, photography, jewelry, textiles, glass, ceramics, handmade soaps, artisan foods, reclaimed, up cycled, recycled items and much more including tail gate benches.[/column]

Stop by for a Snack

We also sell locally produce jarred jellies, pickled vegetables, baked snacks and 
goodies along with the not so glamorous chips and cold bottled drinks on those
 warm days.[/column]

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